Sooquan Lhasa Apsos

Photo Album

This pages is still under construction, it  is a collection of photos of our pet puppies,  we will change these every month, so everyone gets a turn in the photo album, just click on the photo to enlarge it.

Lha Mi and Loren
My name is "Isabella" Bella for short, I am "Mangos" litter sister, and I live with Ros.
This is "Chewi" she is 6 months old and lives with Bev and Allan.
This is little "Bella" with her beautiful litter of puppies, Bella and 3 of her babies live with Lina in Dubai.
"Billie" did not like showing, she now lives with Bev, Allan and "Chewie" her litter sister.
Ebony with her "new" sister Missy
I am "Midnite" I now live in Victoria with Lisel, Christine and Stuart.
"Tara" - a very special little girl
Sid's first Christmas
This is "Mango" at his 2nd birthday.He lives with Vicki & her family.
"Rafferty" & "Horace" live with Daniel & Kate in Victoria, "Bella" is Raffs mum and "Georga" is Horaces.
Another one of "Horace"
"Gypsy" lives with "Toby" and the Edgar family in Victoria.
"Gypsy" and "Toby"
"Charlotte" and Molly doing the shopping.
I'm "Oscar" I live in Canberra with Robina, "Leo and "Bronte"and I keep them all on their toes.
This is sweet little Lucy she is one of Olly and Kiki's puppies, she lives in Queensland.
This beautiful boy is "Barney" he lives with Con, Sandy and Emma.
Sushi and Audrey
Tashi's first Christmas



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